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Organisation role · 2 hrs/Week
Join our mission!
We thrive to bring about a positive change in society, join our team and let's together fulfill this mission.Posted by StateofYouth_Haryana
Organisation role · 2–4 hrs/Week
Join Us
Let's stop waiting for a 'Better World', Let's start working on it 'Together'. Join us on this journey of spreading light. 🌍 ~Iqra KhanPosted by State of Youth-Panchkula
Task · 0–2 hrs
Giving books to the needy
Hey people :) we are giving out books in this activity to those who need it and also help them in online classes do join if any one of you out there are interesPosted by State of Youth_Bk Bajoria school Shillong
Organisation role · 4–8 hrs/Week
Join our mission!
Come join a community of global leaders (youths), making their voices heard and contributing to a just cause - The UN SDGs.Posted by State of Youth @ Port Harcourt
Task · 0–2 hrs
From home
Teach a kid at the comfort of your home for 15 days. You can teach your favourite subject.Posted by State of Youth_Namakkal
Organisation role · 0–1 hrs/Week
End SGBV in Kpan Town Community
Posted by Changemaker Dekegai
Organisation role · 1–2 hrs/Week
Body Positivity
Resaching out to people, to make them understand the importance of body positivity. Posted by Changemaker Varsha
Task · 2–4 hrs
Join our mission as Volunteer
The main aim of this project is to change the life of children of Sinamangal Slum area through informal education and life skills training.Posted by Changemaker Sanju
Organisation role · 2–3 hrs/Week
Recruitment - Top Leaders
Recruiting the Leadership team for upcoming EventsPosted by State of Youth_Secunderabad
Task · 4–8 hrs
From home
Let's work for education!
Do you have any kind of talent? Do you speak Spanish? Do you have experience working in projects? If it is so it's time to work together.Posted by Changemaker Luis