Body Positivity

Body Positivity

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Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
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Changemaker Varsha
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Resaching out to people, to make them understand the importance of body positivity.

Detailed description

In this day and age, our society promotes body shaming rather than body positivity. Yes, it is important that people are mindful of their health but not at the cost or extent of hurting one's body. Body positivity is all about reminding people that everyone is beautiful.

Through this activity we intend help people understand the importance of body positivity and that there is no need to feel insecure.

We intend to include conversations with nutritionists and people who want to talk about body positivity in our platforms. Due to the current covid situation, we are also aiming at reaching out to schools using online means.

Getting there

This is a home based activity
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About Changemaker Varsha

Difference is a social initiative that intends to create worthwhile effects. Irrespective of what the bone of contention is and by focussing on all social issues we face, we intend to urge people to come together, to learn, to create, to give and to make a difference.