State of Youth

Too often the voices of young people go unheard. State of Youth is a digital state, that aims at empowering youth (13-24 years old) worldwide. It is our mission to unite youth around the world in one digital and borderless state. Together we fight against the most pressing issues of our time. We focus on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the lens of youth and children’s rights. Our ultimate goal is to create real change and impact, driven by youth for youth, across the world.

Since the launch of State of Youth in September 2019, the community has grown rapidly. In addition to the online world, State of Youth will now be represented locally in the offline world through our Action Program. Young people can join the Action Program individually (as an Action Developer) or as a group (a Chapter). Chapters, run by youth, will represent State of Youth locally in their communities. This new forum will allow youth the opportunity to engage with local issues in their own country - by spreading the message, increasing awareness, building advocacy and creating action on issues that directly impact them. You can either join an existing Chapter or start your own changemaking activity!

Introducing our changemakers

Meet our Wanguru, Kenya Chapter

The chapter was launched in August 2020 and is currently in Wanguru town,Mwea sub county, Kirinyaga county, ...
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Meet our Bangalore, India Chapter

As a chapter, in our first activity we aimed to mainly address "SDG-3 Good Health and Well-being" which seeked ...
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Meet our Goiânia, Brazil chapter

As a chapter, we spread the State of Youth's message: youth is gonna change the world, and it is already ...
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Youth Board State of Youth


State of Youth is an initiative founded by KidsRights and connected by Facebook. The daily operations are run by the team that is based in the Netherlands and employed by KidsRights. 

State of Youth has a Youth Board that leads and oversees the overall vision of State of Youth. They lend their voices, networks, experience and time to State of Youth to ensure we are representative of a diverse youth point of view.