About State of Youth_Secunderabad

We are densed with and fired up for creating awareness about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - #3, #4, #9, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16 and #17, in support to all other SDGs too.
We have studied, developed the menthods & material, and has been networking with people for mainstreaming the knowledge about Food Choices, Responsible Consumption, Climate Change, Personal Development, Social Behavious & Peace, Animals, Natural Resources, etc.
However, our our core expertise is Food, Cimate and Entrepreneurship Development through we are able to impact on 9 SDGS.
We respect the knowledge and expertise of everyone. You can become a key person in our upcoming events by join your hands with us @ 6305162719 or chair.stateofyouth@gmail.com