Changemaker Subasana

About Changemaker Subasana

Subasana is from Nepal and studies environmental science in Germany. She is sociable and is fond of being with as many people as possible. She also enjoys different cuisines and has a bucket list in which skydiving is at the very top of it.
Subasana is very interested in human rights and the environment. Therefore she works as a volunteer with different environmental organizations. In the meantime she has a lot of experience in drawing attention to and standing up for the environment and the protection thereof.
Her dream is that everyone on this planet will deal with the environment responsibly. She also hopes that communities will take responsibility and look after the environment with great care.
What is the problem? Many schools in Nepal do not teach personal hygiene and the importance of a clean environment. Because of this, children pay little attention to the cleanliness of schools and have little knowledge about taking care of themselves.
Because all children have the right to clean surroundings, Subasana wants to take action.
What is Subasana’s solution? Subasana wants to set up Eco-Clubs at schools where children are taught about personal hygiene and the environment so that they themselves can inform other children about this. She would like to start with one Eco-Club at a school to see if it works. After that she hopes to apply that to other schools in Nepal.
Subasana lives in Germany, where she will think up a plan for the project, set it up and direct it. Sumi and Tsering are two young girls who Subasana has known for some time and who have experience with training programmes. They will train Eco-Club members who will be able to give information to other students. During these information sessions the Eco-Club members will tell their fellow students more about the importance of clean surroundings and personal hygiene. Together they will clean the school grounds and the interior of the school such as the school playground and the toilets.
What is the goal? Subasana hopes that by training Eco-Club members, future leaders, who are aware of the environment and who can inform others about this, will be created
How does Subasana work? One school will be approached whereby a number of students will be selected as members of the Eco-Club. Subasana will write a letter to this school to ask if they want to cooperate with her project. Besides that teaching material will be developed, results will be monitored and reports will be written. She will direct the project from Germany.
Who does she need?

Subasana’s father and cousin are also involved in the project and will report to Subasana.
A Nepalese partner organization that has experience in training and workshops will support her project.

What does Subasana need?

Teaching material to train the Eco-Club members.
Workshop material for Eco-Club members so that they can inform other students and be able to clean the school.