Changemaker Raphael

About Changemaker Raphael

Raphael has been fighting for children’s rights since the age of eleven. He started when he became a member of the youth council in his neighbourhood. Since then he has fulfilled various roles in this council.
Together with other youth members of the youth council he has conducted several campaigns to stop violence against children. Living with violence is not living.
After secondary school Raphael did an internship at a local children’s rights organization to expand his knowledge on the subject.
His dream is for all children and young people to go to school without the fear of violence.
What is the problem?  Too many school-going children in Raphael’s surroundings experience violence at school. It is quite exceptional if a student has not been a victim of violence at school. Violence at schools and the students’ fear of attending school have huge consequences; school results decline and children dare not go to school anymore.
School should be a safe place, where children and young people can study without fear of (sexual) violence or bullying.
What is Raphael’s solution? A Writing and drawing competition for students under the theme: The school I want. In this way students can describe what a safe school means to them and how they can tackle violence. The best stories can be used to draw attention to safer schools.
Raphael would also like to organize a training for teachers on how one can punish students without using violence. This training lasts three days and is developed by the children’s rights organization where Raphael is doing his internship. They will also help in giving the training courses.
Finally, Raphael will lead discussions between students and teachers in a pleasant and safe surrounding, so that they can discuss the ways to stop the violence. Students can also come in contact with each other to get to know each other better and learn to respect each other’s cultures. In this way Raphael hopes that bullying will be stopped.
What is the goal? The goal is to carry out the project in 2 primary schools and 3 secondary schools in Raphael’s village in Tanzania. He hopes that 40 teachers and 1000 students will take part.
Raphael’s project will be successful if more students go back to school, more students further their studies and no more violence will occur.
How will Raphael work?  Raphael will focus on contacting people who can help him with his project. He will approach those who can sponsor his project or those who have the same goal as he does.
He would also like to plan weekly evaluations with the people who work with him on his project, so that he can make sure that everything is going as planned.
He expects that it will be a challenge changing the behaviour of teachers and the punishments they carry out. They have been used to this and doing it for years.
Who does Raphael need?   The children’s rights organization, where he is doing his internship, is helping him to set up the project and is giving the professional training sessions to teachers. Raphael has also been a member of a youth council for years and the members of this council will also help.
What does Raphael need?  

Contact with other changemakers who are doing the same. If they can share their experience and knowledge, they can make the world a better place together