Changemaker Osbert Akandwanaho

About Changemaker Osbert Akandwanaho

Osbert has been a Changemaker since 2020 and has already implemented several projects. As an Action Developer, he first drew attention to child marriages and early pregnancies. After successfully completing this project, he implemented a Fund Catcher project focusing on child health. A very important issue at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Obsert also successfully completed this project and managed to reach over six hundred children with his project!
Now Osbert is working on his second Fund Catcher project focusing on our environment. He pinpoints the problem of environmental degradation in his area. He believes that the environment is being neglected and exploited due to constant deforestation, swamp reclamation and untreated sewage waste discharges. For this, he wants to (1) raise awareness among his community, (2) hold conversations with government authorities and religious leaders, (3) and set up a club in his community consisting of children and youth who will carry out exercises like tree planting and campaigns.
Another wonderful project which will contribute to the rights of children in his area!