Changemaker Kehkashan

About Changemaker Kehkashan

My name is Kehkashan and I fight for the protection of the environment. I have always been fond of nature, it is in fact my passion. The first thing that really hit me was the picture of a bird that had swallowed plastic. It made me realize I had to do something to make sure children grow up in a clean environment. Environmental deterioration poses a serious threat to all children. The ongoing change of the climate has a great influence on all of us. It is very disturbing. We must therefore act now!
The initiative I was 8 when I planted my first tree, my first action! With great enthusiasm and determination, I managed to get children and neighbours involved. My dream got larger. The founding of Green Hope was the start of a green movement for children who want to save our earth. Every week more children join. Together we plant trees, recycle waste, organize educational outings and clean up beaches.
Together we move the world KidsRights supports me as a changemaker in my fight for the protection of the environment. Meanwhile, Green Hope has become a global organization with thousands of young members. Awareness is the key to change, and so I organize conferences where children learn how to protect the environment.
My mission It is up to the youth to take the lead and make climate change slow down. Children can bring about change. My mission is to unite as many children as possible to fight for a sustainable future. Regardless of your age, you can make a difference. Children are the future. I'm sure we, as real changemakers, can move the world.