Changemaker Iftekhar

About Changemaker Iftekhar

Iftekhar was a finalist of the International Children's Peace Prize 2019. He developed a Blind Eye App and an affordable Braille board for blind children to access school materials and more. In Bangladesh there is no cheap technology that includes educational audio books and tools such as a calculator, an alarm system and a messaging service. As a result, 90% of the blind are unskilled and 70% of them are unemployed. One Braille book costs more than 60$. It is an impossible amount for blind children to continue their studies. Through his cheap Braille board Iftekhar hopes to solve these problems. The Braille Board costs 70$ and is a computer for the blind containing 10.000+ books and 15+ tools such as emergency service, 24/7 news update, voice messaging system, location detector, calculator, alarm etc. The Blind Eye App has the same features as the Braille Board and it can be used by children who already own a computer or smartphone. The App is available in Windows, Android and iOS.