Changemaker Hillary

About Changemaker Hillary

In the year 2018 Hillary launched the Kpando Peace Club as an Action Developer, an initiative aimed at developing the soft skills competence of children to promote collaboration and team building rather than competition and individuality within and without the classroom walls. On our first pilot project, we engaged about 620 school children from six schools over 4 months in their schools to organize workshops for them on some key soft skills values. The success of the project was unprecedented as evidence from the outcome of our workshops. The feedback we received from our interaction with both students and their teachers led our team into developing the whole new skills concept manual and worksheet termed as INTERPERSONAL FLUENCY (IPF) skills development. As Fund Catcher, Hillary wants to do the same, but in a more innovative and exciting way. Hillary wants to foster peace, teamwork and collaboration as well as enhancing relationships and cohesion by providing an interpersonal fluency (IPF) soft skill competence development pack for students and teachers. The concept enables an individual to make a critical knowledge and assessment of themselves and others with the aimed of knowing both parties to help build a community of shared understanding and synergy. Hillary has made a comprehensive manual and worksheet that can be used in bringing the information and knowledge about soft skills across.