Changemaker Ewelle

About Changemaker Ewelle

As an Action Developer, Ewelle has done a project called "Ending the trafficking of children in the Liberian communities". The project lasted 2 months in three different locations of communities in Liberia. This project focused on legislation and enforcement in recognizing the critical aspect of eradicating child trafficking in Liberia. As Fund Catcher, Ewelle wants to do something else. This time he is going to make campaigns for young people. Ewelle is a changemaker for marginalized children. He wants to bring them together and demand for social justice. He is going to do this by organizing a meeting with children to talk to them, but also let them share their experiences. After that they will do a walk/rally. The second meeting is to share the stories of the children with stakeholders, amongst whom the ministry of justice. His focus will be education for street children. Ewelle has his own organization and a team of people that helps him carrying out the project. With the budget he wants to print a banner and some flyers, buy food for the participants, and rent a hall for the meeting. My project basically focuses on education for children who are out of schools, especially in slumps communities across Liberia, we also have a petition on education budget increment in other for more children can access school. Moreover, we are using our decision makers see reason to act on the education budget.