Changemaker Beatrice

About Changemaker Beatrice

Beatrice wants to start an anti-bullying campaign in two schools in her community with the help of her friends. As a victim of bullying at school, she saw it as a threat that affected the students' learning ability.
She has started a training on the prevention of bullying with the teachers in the schools, whereby she first wants to train the teachers in identifying and taking action against bullying. It targets high school teachers from grades 10-12.
The average population of children in the two schools she has selected is approximately 400. She aims to reach approximately 400-500 children through small, 2-hour focus group discussions with the children themselves scheduled for the schools each month. Her third target group is the parents, whom she wants to train in the field of identification and prevention through the representatives of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA).
During the first months of the project implementation, she will organize the project team orientation together with the volunteers to understand the project and their role during the awareness raising process and prepare the items for the training and awareness raising. They will create content both online and offline. During the following months of the project implementation they will organize joint meetings with the guardians and parents. She hopes that the training will encourage them to identify and report injustices, especially in the learning settings.
The involvement of the students will mainly consist of drama clubs, skits and street plays through their various school clubs to raise awareness about and discourage bullying. This will be supported by the teachers. The overall goal will be achieved through an evaluative review to be conducted towards the end of the project, through focus group discussions to see if there has been a shift in perception.