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Meet our Wanguru, Kenya Chapter

Written by State of Youth


We are a youth led platform and community created by young people for the young people in Kenya for the SDGs. The chapter was launched in August 2020 and is currently in Wanguru town, Mwea sub county, Kirinyaga county, Kenya. It has 30 youths, in which it has one chapter leader who is the Kenya's ambassador for state of youth, an event coordinator, a treasurer and 27 members. 

  • VISION; envision the next 5 years that we have active chapters in each and every 47 counties in Kenya and over 500000 youths participating actively.
  • MISSION; Aimed at uniting, representing and empowering the young people in Kenya across the country participate meaningfully on the sustainable development goals. 


1.Create awareness on the SDGs by spreading factual information  both online and offline

2.Advocate for change through policy reforms on issues surrounding the SDGs.

3.Action by taking matters in their own hands and making a change on the ground to help accelerate the SDGs.


The SDG that we worked on was no; 3 which is good health and wellbeing. Our activity of the month was raising online awareness on mental health. We encouraged young people to take a picture holding a written paper with the words, it’s okay not to be okay and our hashtags were keepgoingwarrior. We encouraged them to tell their own mental health stories, different forms of mental illness, different hotline numbers available in Kenya, how parents, friends and also society can help anyone with mental illness. More than 15 youths participated. And we believe that we impacted a number of youths based on the support we got online. 

We recently created our Instagram page which is: State of youth Kenya.



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