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clubs and societies are some of the most favourite activities for Children in a school day we aim to create a club that will teach children about their rights

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Concept: "Mtoto na Sheria: A Law Club for Children"

Introduction: Mtoto na Sheria is a Swahili word that roughly translates to Children and the law .This law club is designed to empower Children by educating them about their legal rights and responsibilities. Through interactive resources, discussions, and activities, students will learn about the laws and regulations that affect them in their daily lives, as well as the resources available to them when they face legal challenges.

Objectives: The primary objective of the law club is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect their legal rights and interests. Specifically, the club aims to:

·      Educate students about their  rights and responsibilities under the law, including their rights as children, students, and Citizens

·      Provide high school students with practical tools and resources for navigating legal challenges, such as small claims court, tenant disputes, and employment disputes

·      Encourage critical thinking and engagement with legal issues that affect Children and their communities

·      Foster a sense of community and support among Children who are interested in legal advocacy and justice

Activities: The club will meet weekly during evening breaks or after school hours, and will offer a variety of activities and resources for students, including:

·      Guest speakers from the legal profession, including lawyers, judges, and legal advocates all from the Wakili wa watoto law Clubs in Law universities

·      Workshops on specific legal topics, such as child protection, landlord-tenant law, and employment law

·      Mock trial simulations and other interactive activities to help students develop practical legal skills

·      Discussion groups and debates on current legal issues and controversies

·      Opportunities for high school students to volunteer with legal aid organizations and other community groups

Membership: Membership in the law club will be open to all students who are interested in learning about their legal rights and responsibilities. While the club is primarily geared towards students in high school, younger students may also be welcome to join with permission from their parents or guardians.

Conclusion: Mtoto na Sheria is an exciting opportunity for students to learn about the law and gain practical skills for protecting their legal rights and interests. By empowering students with knowledge and resources, we hope to create a generation of informed and engaged citizens who are equipped to advocate for themselves and their communities.

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