Unfiltered Conversations

Unfiltered Conversations

Event · 23 Dec 2020, 12:00 - 13:30
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State of Youth_Kolkata
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An hour of fruitful conversation regarding the issue of gender inequality. Feminism, Men's Rights, LGBTQ+ movements...we are going to talk about it all!

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We are the State of Youth Kolkata. A group of young, passionate and proactive citizens of Kolkata, who feel responsible for the world tomorrow and are working towards making it a utopian one, one that will make future generations proud. No matter how young or old you are, no matter what your gender is, everyone has faced the problem of being treated in a way where they were made to feel insignificant wholly based on whether they are male, female or transgender. Usually, when people go through these experiences, they feel uncomfortable or hurt yet they don't speak up because they feel judged or insecure, this is the problem. Through this activity we are going to do our part to change that. It will be an unfiltered hour of conversation about people's experiences with gender inequality and all issues that come along with it. The only way we seem fit to eradicate this issue is to TALK ABOUT IT because when you do that the people who are responsible for creating this problem look within themselves and realize that their actions ARE the problem. Agree with or relate to anything we just mentioned? Then this is the place for you! Join us on the 23rd of December at 12 p.m. to have impactful discussions.

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About State of Youth_Kolkata

As a chapter, we strive towards putting the voice of the youth out there, giving the youth a platform where they are respected and given the free will to bring about change in the world we will inherit.