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How to organize activities

Written by State of Youth

As a Chapter, you will create activities around our three pillars: awareness, advocacy and action.

Every three months we expect you to conduct at least 1 activity within the theme of the Sustainable Development Goal that the State of Youth instagram channel is currently focusing on. You are free to conduct extra activities on other Sustainable Development Goals after this commitment.

Activities could look like this:

  • Public meeting
  • Talk/presentation/lecture
  • Conference/webinar
  • Lobbying
  • Reaching out to local media
  • Petition
  • March
  • Changemakers Project
  • Offline campaign
  • Online campaign

You can submit your activity via this form:

In the toolkit (which you can download from the library page), there is a detailed step-by-step on how to set up your activity. And for every new theme that State of Youth talks about we will also give you some example project for inspiration! These can be found in the thematic toolkits that are also available on the library page.

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