Post | September 2020 | Set-up | 1 min read

How does it work?

Written by State of Youth

First of all, you can decide if you want to join an existing chapter or if you want to start your own.

  • If you want to join an existing chapter, or just join a one-time activity, you can search for chapters and activities here. If you find a chapter or activity that you are interested in, you can click on them and simply click 'join' or send a message to the chapter.
  • If you want to start your own chapter, we ask you to fill out this form. After you've submitted the form, we will reach out to you within 10 working days. After approval, we will get you documents to sign and set you up with a toolkit to help you get started. You will also receive a link to create a personal page for your chapter on this website.
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