What is a chapter?

The dictionary defines a chapter as “a local division of a larger organization”. As our Chapter, you will represent State of Youth in your local community. We rely on you, our Chapters, to bring our mission to live in your community!

State of Youth strongly believes that in order to create a sustainable youth movement, there has to be a combination of online and offline action. We rely on our Chapters to mobilise as many young people around the Sustainable Development Goals as possible, anywhere in the world!

How does it work?

First of all, you can decide if you want to join an existing chapter or if you want to start your own.
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What do we expect of a chapter?

The success of State of Youth’s mission, to empower young people, depends on how many young people we can ...
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How to organize activities

As a Chapter, you will create activities around our three pillars: awareness, advocacy and action.
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Chapter Leaders and Country Representatives

As a Chapter Leader you will organize activities to give a voice to youth on the most important issues of our time: the Sustainable Development Goals, through a Children's Rights perspective. Examples of activities could be to organize fundraisers, host workshops or lectures, and establish relationships with local service partners such as other non-profits and local media to raise awareness as well. As a Chapter Leader you are the lead for your local chapter. You are the point of contact for State of Youth, and responsible for the activities and commitment of your chapter.

State of Youth aims to have a Country Representative in every country. The Country Representatives operate as a chapter, but with the additional responsibility that they are the main point of contact for all chapters in that country and coordinate all efforts in that country. You cannot just become a Country Representative, rather the State of Youth Team Manager needs to appoint you to that position, if you prove to be the best person for this position.

Possibility of Training and Certificates

As a Chapter Leader, we want you to be able to guide your team at the best of your abilities. This is why, State of Youth and KidsRights offer you the possibility to attend our three available trainings, in the form of an e-module. The three trainings, which you can choose from are:

1. Lobby and advocacy – mobilizing support

2. Local fundraising

3. Social and leadership skills

Please note: you will receive only one certificate. So you are free to follow also other training, but you will get the certificate only for ONE of them. Which one is up to you! The certificate will be generated with your name and exam date on it. We hope these certificates will help you to get recognition for your fundraising or lobby work and support you in your further career!

If after 4 months of activities as Chapter Leader you:

- Have more than 10 Chapter members

- Engaged with more than 50 young people during your activities

- Carried out and finished at least one activity

- Applied for your second activity 

- Proved to us what an amazing job you are doing

You will get the chance to participate in all the above mentioned three e-modules, enjoy the personalized guidance of one of our professional Coaches and receive an official certification accredited by the NCOI University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

Action Pillars

As a Chapter, you will create activities around our three action pillars

Create awareness

A crucial tool for initiating action is awareness and education. By spreading factual information surrounding the SDGs, we are able to encourage people to speak up about their experiences and help advocate for their own rights.


We aim to advocate for systemic change through policy and legislative reforms regarding the SDGs by creating a space for young people to have a seat at the table. The outcome of our quarterly preferendum serves as your main instrument for this pillar.

Take part in the changemakers program

As a Chapter leader, we expect you to empower other young people by convincing them their ideas CAN make a difference and inspire them to apply to the Changemakers Program if you or they have an idea for a project that goes beside the Chapter’s scope.